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Learn the art of detailing with our expert detailing team. Our professional courses don't just stop at finessing cars, they also teach you the vital fundamentals to bossing your detailing business.


Whether you're a beginner looking to start detailing, or a professional looking to enhance your skillset. Our specifically designed one-to-one courses are the perfect fit, covering a number of key technical skills, both theory and hands-on.

One-to-one 2 Day Course - £395

Professional Valeting

Our two-day Professional Valeting Course is perfect for those looking to start or enhance a career in the car valeting industry.


Day one starts with an introduction into the world of valeting as a business. We will take a look into insurances, health & safety, essential products, equipment and pre-work inspections. Ultimately the most overlooked area of starting up a successful valeting business, yet the most important. With the fundamentals out the way, we'll cover every aspect of the interior cleaning process with hands-on training starting with the carpets, and working our way upwards to the headlining.

Day two will kick off with  focusing on the exterior of the vehicle. We'll cover everything from cleaning wheels to cleaning convertible hoods, detailing engine bays to applying wax. We'll show you how to deliver that showroom standard, whilst focusing on consistency & efficiency.

Once complete, we'll delve further into the basic business aspects, which can include setting up with HMRC, getting your first customers, service offerings and pricing, and also customer experience & satisfaction.

Steam Cleaning

One-to-one 2 Day Course - £395

Machine Polishing

Specially developed to cover every aspect of the machine polishing process, this comprehensive 2 day course is designed to help you master the art, whilst giving you the skills and confidence to safely complete any professional paint enhancement and correction detail.

Day one will focus on an overview of the process of machine polishing, the various paint types, the different pads & polishes, and we'll also take an in-depth look into paintwork preparation, defect spotting and an introduction to the various polishing machines. We'll then get hands on with the use of a bonnet to learn how to operate the machines you'll typically be using to detail a car with.

On day two, a vehicle will have already been prepared and decontaminated, and this is where we take a look at live vehicle, using the skills you learnt on day one to identify any defects and put a plan together for you to obtain the best results.

We'll focus heavily on safe machine polishing techniques, starting with heavy defect removal, to swirl & hologram removal, and then refining to obtain a glass-like glossy finish, with lots of clarity. We'll also look into the various forms of protection, before taking a brief look into the business side of things, discussing efficiency, cost control, service offerings & pricing and customer expectation & satisfaction.

Machine Polishing Training
One-to-one 1 Day Course - £495

Business Growth Course

Our one-day Business Growth Course is perfect for those looking at how to start your car care business or alternatively an established company looking to become more efficient, systemised and profitable. 

This course is completely tailored to you and your business to ensure you get as much value as possible. We will first have a one to one consultancy call, to assess your business, highlight what you'd like to improve on, and to help plot your courses schedule to ensure you get the most out of your day with us.

If you haven't setup as a business yet, we'll look into the fundamentals of starting your business. We'll assist you in getting registering your business with HRMC,  choosing a company name, formulating a realistic business plan, and discuss getting your first clients and retaining them.

Backed by Tom's reputation and experience as an entrepreneur and successful detailing business owner, this course is meticulously crafted to provide participants with the strategic insights and practical tools needed to drive starting up, expansion and profitability.


Covering a spectrum of topics including market analysis, targeted marketing strategies, financial optimization, and efficient operations management, the course equips attendees with a comprehensive toolkit for sustainable growth.

We'll also delve deep into the world of customer relationship management, sales strategy and customer experience, we'll aim to get you confident in working to produce the best possible outcome for both you and your clients.

In this personalized coaching session, you'll gain actionable insights and strategies to effectively navigate the challenges of business growth dive into crafting a compelling brand identity to harnessing digital platforms for marketing, this course equips attendees with the tools and confidence to thrive in an ever-evolving market..


The Business Growth Course at TH Detailing is not just a learning experience; it's a pivotal investment for those ready to take their detailing enterprises to unprecedented heights.

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