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Client satisfaction is our number one priority. We want every customer to have a positive, personal and memorable experience.

At TH Detailing we stand by our work, as such all services come with a clear warranty and aftercare program.

Audi A7 Car Detailing

Car detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning, restoring, and protecting the various surfaces of a vehicle to maintain its value, extend its life and enhance its appearance.

As an IDA Certified Detailer, we're recognized for our abilities to perform any detailing task, from interior works to even the most complex of paint correction procedures. Every car returned has been treated to the best possible detailing service, ensuring complete client satisfaction.

New Car Protection

Protecting your car from new with smart-surface, ceramic protection is always best practice. Ceramic coatings are the latest in car care protection and offer the best protection against rain, mud and dirt whilst preventing UV damage, rust and fading. Installed by our accredited team,


Our expert team will gladly assist in finding the best total surface ceramic coating package for you, which will become an essential part of protecting your latest investment.

Car Valeting

Our car valeting services are the perfect solution to keep your car looking its best following a detail with us. Our trained valeting team undergo extensive training, and are insured to work on all types and values of vehicle.

We also offer a selection of deep cleans to remove smells and stains from your interior. Our valeting services are available at our studio in Stourbridge, or at the convenience of your home or work in the surrouding areas.

Underbody Protection

Prevention is always better than cure! Protecting  your cars underbody from rusting is just as important as protecting the rest of your car.


We are a Lanoguard Approved Application Centre, which means we can offer an industry leading solution to vehicle underbody treatment to protect against salt, acid and alkaline corrosion, keeping your cars underside free from rust, seized bolts and heavy dirt build up. 

Alloy Wheel Protection

There's no worse feeling than scraping a wheel off the curb. We’ve got you covered with WHEELUV™ Alloy Protectors.

Alloy wheel protectors offer protection from scratches & scrapes when you make impact with the kerb, offering a more cost effective and convenient alternative to costly wheel refurbishment, backed with a manufacturer guarantee from WHEELUV™

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Revive the beauty of your alloy wheels our exceptional alloy wheel refurbishment services.  Our skilled technicians meticulously restore and refresh your wheels, leaving them looking as good as new.


Say goodbye to unsightly scuffs, scratches, and corrosion, and hello to a dazzling, showroom-quality finish. Trust TH Detailing for the ultimate alloy wheel transformation – because your wheels deserve nothing but the best.

Motorbike Detailing


Our detailing services aren't just limited to cars! Our team have the necessary skills and experience to work with even the most intricate of motorbikes.

We offer a range of motorbike detailing packages, from maintenance washes to protecting new motorbikes, our experienced team will find the perfect motorcycle detailing service for you.

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