Signature Detail

For those chasing perfection, our most intensive deep clean, decontamination, multi-stage paint correction and total surface protection for that show stopping ultimate finish. Not recommended for daily drivers, is the reserve of the specialist vehicle.

Multi-stage Wash

Thorough pre-rinse and snow foam pre-wash

Intricate areas cleaned with soft brushes

2 bucket method safe wash

Alloy wheels removed for a deep clean & decontamination, wheel arches detailed

Paintwork decontamination (Clay and liquid)

Correction & Protection

3- 5 stages of polishing via machine to remove 99% of all surface defects then to restore depth and refine the paintwork giving ultra-slick reflections and gloss


Paintwork, wheels and glass ceramic coated

Finishing Touches

Trim/ brightwork/ tyres dressed and protected as necessary, including tailpipes

Internal & external glass cleaned

Full interior deep clean - Seats removed where required

Interior protection applied

Engine Bay detailed

The Signature Detail

Duration: 5 Days (Minimum)

99% Correction level

Every optional extra included

FROM £1,650