Scrape Armor

Precision Automotive Skid Plate Protection

What is Scrape Armor?

Scrape Armor is a skid plate designed to protect your front splitter, skid plate and the underside of your bumper from damage caused by steep driveways, parking curbs, speed bumps and more.

These patented skid plates are laser measured with over 20 million points scanned to guarantee a perfect fit, prevent damage and keep your vehicle protected from the ground up.

Designed to hit the ground and take impact, the plate is made from Teklite™ low-friction coefficient polymer. It’s aerodynamic and has undergone wind tunnel testing to ensure it doesn’t affect performance.

Low-profile installation, and maximum coverage area. Scrape Armor is only 0.2mm thicker than the OEM hardware already on your bumper making it the thinnest front splitter protection available.

Scrape Armor is guaranteed for life when installed by us. Contact us today to get a free quotation.

Protect with the best, drive confident. Made in the USA.

Scrape Armor

Precision Automotive Skid Plate Protection for a wide variety of sports & super cars with a lifetime guarantee.