Wash Kit

Wash Kit

Maintain that shine with our Wash Kit.


3 specially formulated products to soften grime & remove bugs, restore cleanliness and offer a deep gloss finish, paired with an ultra soft wash mitt to ensure that swirl free result.


This kit includes: 


1x Bathe Shampoo - RRP £9.95

Bathe is specially formulated to be tough on grime but gentle enough to be safe with waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings. Bathe is undiluted, but can be diluted to 1900:1. The dirtier your car, the more you’ll need.


1x Zest - Bug & Grime Remover - RRP £9.95

Zest is a citrus infused pre-wash that makes light work of bugs and traffic grime without affecting your existing protection. Its gentle nature makes it the perfect product for sensitive applications.


1x Precise - Quick Detailer - RRP £9.95

Precise is an easy to apply Quick Detailer with built-in hydrophobic sealant. It’s perfect for removing water spots and dust after washing. You can also use Precise to clean and dry wheels, door jambs, engine covers and number plates.


1x Plush Wash Mitt - RRP £7.95

The plush microfiber wash mitt is the perfect wash media for any contact wash.


Developed to be gentle on paintwork with anit-marring capabilites, and super aborbent to soak up the maximum amount of Bathe shampoo for when you glide effortlessly across your cars paintwork, shifting the grime without any risk of contaminants being scratches around the surface.


Complete with elasticated hand compartment for increased control around those intricate areas. After use, rinse with warm water and allow to air dry naturally.


Presented nicely in our limited edition kit boxes.