Interior Care Kit

Interior Care Kit

Maintain that interior, with our Interior Care Kit. 


3 of our leading interior products to clean the cockpit, coupled with our Ultra Soft Interior Brush Set to ensure a dust free, fresh finish.


This kit includes: 


1x Versatile - All Purpose Cleaner - RRP £9.95

Versatile is the ultimate multi-purpose cleaner. It can be used across carpet, fabric, rubber, engine, door jambs, wheel arches, tyres and convertible fabric hoods. For routine maintenance, Vertsatile can be diluted up to 10 to 1 with water.


1x Mood - Air Freshener - RRP £9.95

Set the mood in your freshly cleaned cockpit with a few spritz of Joop scented spray air freshener. Also ideal to keep in the door pocket, to top up your mood.


1x Optic - Glass Cleaner - RRP £9.95

Specially formulated to be safe to use on all glass surfaces, including tinted glass, lightweight polycarbonate and acrylic windows. The fast flashing alcohol based cleaner leaves behind a streak-free finish whilst cutting through grease and grime.


1x Ultra Soft Interior Brush Set - RRP £ 9.95

The Ultra Soft Interior Brush Set is the perfect combo for those delicate interior surfaces.


Our brushes are designed to be soft on delicate surfaces, but strong enough to help shift dust and dirt with ease. The brushes come as a set of 2, one smaller, and one longer handle to ensure you can reach even the most intricate nooks and crannies of ones cockpit.


Presented nicely in our limited edition kit boxes.