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Snow Foam Explained

You might of seen we post photos of cars(or bikes) covered in snow foam, and its a vital stage in our safe wash ritual. But what's it actually for?

A safe wash is the process of washing a vehicle in a methodical yet efficient way, with products that are often wax & ceramic friendly, with techniques and equipment to prevent wash marring (fine surfaces scratches from fine dirt/dust particles resting on the paints surface).

Snow foam is a pre wash, meaning its used after the first initial rinse where we aim to remove as much dirt and debris as possible with water, without damaging the vehicles delicate exterior with the pressure washer.

Once most if not all of the loose dirt is removed by pressure rinsing and we've cleaned the wheels, tyres and arches we'll spray snow foam onto the car and allow it to dwell.

The foam will soak into embedded dirt and the foaming action pulls it away from the surface & drips down the vehicle onto the ground below it. Whilst it dwells we'll go around with soft brushes getting the tight and intricate areas with a soft brush, where a wash mitt will struggle to reach effectively.

Once dwelling is complete we'll rinse the car top to bottom to remove all the foam, and any dirt it was able to remove, and continue onto the contact wash stage with a wash mitt and shampooed.

The idea of foam is to remove as much surface contamination as possible before touching the paintwork with a wash mitt to avoid any wash marring resulting in swirl marks and scratches.

A common misconception is that snow foam will clean the vehicle entirely from a single application, whilst it can be used as a non contact washing method, its very rarely effective in this scenario.

Another misconception is that you can use a wash mitt with snow foam. Whilst this is partially true for a 2nd application of foam - as the foam can add extra lubricity to the shampoo & wash mitt during the contact wash - but in the instance that it's the first application on a dirty vehicle, it could potentially result in smearing dirt around the paints surface and inflicting paintwork defects, thus making it the very opposite of 'safe' wash.

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