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How to wash your car - Flow Chart

A quick reference guide to turn to when you're cleaning the car! Scroll down for recommended products & where to buy!

Wheel cleaner:

Detailing brushes:

Long reach wheel brushes:

Wheel soap:

Tyre brush:

All Purpose Cleaner:

Iron fall out remover:

Citrus pre clean:

Snow foam:

The snow foam lance:

Don't have a pressure washer? Hand pump foamer:

Buckets & grit guards (You'll need 2) :


Wash mitt:

Quick detailer spray:

Drying towels:

Electrical blower:


Spray wax: Glass cleaner:

Glass waffle cloth:

Glass polish:

Polish applicator:

Trim dressing:

Trim restorer:

Tyre creme:

Tyre applicator:

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