Full Valet

A more in depth valet typically taking around 5 hours to complete.

Includes an interior deep clean followed by a detailed exterior clean to completely refresh your vehicle. 

Recommended for new clients to have a clean slate to keep on top of or for vehicles that are in need of some extensive TLC


Fabrics vacuumed, shampooed and extracted

Plastics deep cleansed and dressed

Leather areas cleansed and conditioned

Vents, rails, buttons switches and gaps cleaned

Air conditioning cleanse (at additional cost)

Multi-stage Wash

Thorough pre-rinse and snow foam pre-wash

Wheels, tyres and arches cleaned

2 bucket method safe wash

Safe drying method using microfibre towels and compressed air

Finishing Touches

Hydrophobic spray sealant applied 

Internal and external glass cleaned

Air freshener applied to fabrics

Duration: 5 Hours

FROM: £120