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Frequently asked questions

Enhance Questions

What is detailing?

Detailing is the art of restoring and enhancing a vehicles asthetics far beyond the factory finish. It involves meticulously cleaning, renovating and protecting every surface on a vehicle.

Do you need to detail a new car?

Its all down to preference. However, even luxury and expensive car brands have limited time to prepare and finish a vehicles paintwork, both in the factory and at the dealership, and some vehicles often receive damage during transport. We are capable of taking your cars finish to the next level, far beyond what the manufacturer can achieve.

What's the difference between your services?

We've arranged our detailing from Levels 1 - 5. The main difference is the level of paintwork correction involved with each level. For instance, Level 1 involves very little in the way of paintwork correction and focuses entirely on protection, whereas our Level 5 focuses on removing the clearcoats orange peel, which is our most complex detailing process.

How long will it take to detail my car?

Depending on the level of detail you wish to achieve, the timescale will vary. Typically its between 1 - 5 days. Some intricate cars and extensive works may take longer.

How long does the new finish last?

Once detailied, this depends on the maintenance of the vehicle going forward and the lifespans of the protection that has been installed.

What is orange peel?

The term “Orange peel” refers to paint distortion. Thiis the peaks and trothseffect found in the paintwork’s clear coat after it is applied at the factory. All cars possess orange peel even from new, resembling the skin of an orange. It can be levelled to some extent with our Level 5 detail.

Can I have my car detailed on a mobile basis?

In short, we like cars to be left with us in our state of the art studio. This is to ensure a clean, organised working environment with use of our specialist LED lighting system to allow us to guarantee a very high standard of workmanship. However, special projects can be detailed on a mobile basis, but only under certain circumstances.

Will detailing affect my manufacturers warranty?

No, detailing doesn't interfere with any warranties. However, detailing and correct car care will ensure a higher resell value, both inside and outside of a warranty period.

Do you detail other vehicles?

Yes we do! with cars being our most popular vehicle, we also offer bespoke services for a range of automotive vehicles including motorbikes, marine vehicles including boats and jetskis, and aviation vehicles such as planes and helicopters.

Protect Questions

What is a ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating is a chemical polymer that is applied to the painted surface of a vehicle to protect it from external paint damage. It's an alternative to waxing with the main idea being to prevent dirt, grime, and stain marks from appearing on your paintwork and ruining the clear coat.

What does a ceramic coating do?

A ceramic coating offers a superior level of protection against a range of external forces, which naturally degrade the appearance of your cars factory paint. These typically include oxidation/ fading from UV rays, contaminants such as bird lime, acid rain, tree sap and tar deposits, and the slick surface and increase hardness can help prevent wash marring and very light scratches.

How long does a ceramic coating last?

This depends on the chosen coating, this will be discussed with you during your consultation. We currently offer coatings from 12 months to 10 years durability, with a manufacturers guarantee.

How do I care for my ceramic coating?

Caring for for coating is essential for its longevity. We offer an exclusive maintenance service if you'd like us to look after your coating. We also offer a specially formulated maintenance product range and can provide training if you choose to look after it yourself.

Can't I just take it to the car wash?

Short answer to this is, we wouldn't advise it. The chemicals and techniques used by automated and hand car washes aren't of a high standard and improper washing may damage the coating and void the manufacturers guarantee. This also applies to dealerships.

What can be coated on my car?

We offer a range of coatings for various surfaces. Our ZirconiteUK range allows us to coat every external surface, including paintwork, glass, wheels and trim. The interior protection range allows us to coat fabrics and leathers.

Can you ceramic coat a wrap?

Yes. Our coatings are compatible with gloss, satin and matte wraps.

Can you protect my matte finishes?

Yes. Our coatings are compatible with matte and satin finishes without adding extra gloss whilst retaining full protective properties. They can also be applied to matte and satin wraps.

Maintain Questions

Why maintain your vehicle with us?

Maintenance washes are a crucial part in maintaining the integrity of your initial treatment. The ongoing washes include all the processes necessary to maintain the longevity of the protective layers. It also ensures your chosen protection is always performing at its optimum.

Can you come to my house to wash my car?

Yes, but only vehicles previously detailed by us are eligble for our mobile service.

Can I book in for just a wash if I'm not on a maintenance plan?

Yes, we can book you in for just a wash at our Studio. Mobile services are exclusive to cars on our maintenance plan or those that meet our Maintenance Plan Criteria. This excludes what we'd refer to as a Maintenance Valet or Detail due to a number of reasons - we'd advise getting in touch to disucss our Full Valet option.

What is your Maintenance Plan Criteria?

Our Maintenance Plan Criteria requires the vehicle to be in a maintainable state. This requires your vehicle to be: -Brand new from the dealership -Or, Previously detailed by another reputable/accredited detailer This is to allow us to meet our strict timescales and high standards.

What's included in your maintenance washes?

We offer 2 levels of maintenance: -Maintenance wash - completely exterior based -Maintenance Valet - both inside and outside are cleaned. Prices depend on your chosen maintenance plan and also the size of your vehicle.

Can you deep clean interiors?

Yes, we offer a Full Valet service which is designed to completely deep clean the interior of your car. This service is only available at our studio. Please get in touch to discuss pricing.

Do you sell car care products?

Yes, head over to our online store to view our entire range.