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Protection Detail

Exterior - Cleaning, Cleansing & Protection


Exterior Cleaning Process

  • Thorough pre rinse, followed by pre-wash snow foam to soften stuck on dirt. 

  • ​The vehicle is washed using PH neutral shampoo and the two bucket method to ensuring no dirt or debris is being scrubbed around via the wash mitt.

  • Wheel faces and barrels cleaned using non-acidic wheel cleaner and a variety of soft brushes.

  • Wheel arches, fuel cap and door shuts cleaned where accessible.

  • Chemical decontamination to remove embedded metallic contaminants with a bleeding fallout remover.

  • Tar deposits and road grime removed with a solvent based remover followed with a post decontamination snow foam to ensure all contaminants are ejected from the surface.

  • Vehicle dried with warm, filtered compressed air and plush microfiber towels.

  • Trim, tyres, brightwork and tailpipes dressed.

Exterior Cleansing Process

  • The paint is treated with a pre wax oil to help adhesion of the sealant.


  • The paint is cleansed with a pre wax cleanser which contains a mild mixture of cleansing agents, glaze oils and micro abrasives that help remove more heavier contamination.


Exterior Protection Process

  • One layer of our preferred high grade carnauba wax is applied to the paint surface, ensuring a durable level of protection.


  • One layer of synthetic paint sealant is applied to the paint surface. We'll discuss protection options during your consultation.


  • Carpets and upholstery vacuumed.

  • Interior surfaces detailed with high grade products.

  • Windows cleaned inside, and mirrors and dials cleaned.

Why choose our Protection Detail?

The purpose of the Protection Detail is to decontaminate the paintwork. Its commonly used to detail satin or matte paint, which cannot be machine polished or as an ongoing maintenance or top up detail. It doesn't involve any paint correction, and instead involves a thorough deep clean of the exterior including chemical decontamination. It's also ideal for short term protection, through winter months or as a budget option for newer vehicles.


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