Correction Detail

This treatment is ideal for older vehicles and those suffering from heavier swirling and defects, Includes detailed wash and decontamination of all exterior surfaces, multi-stage machine polish and protective coating application

Multi-stage Wash

Thorough pre-rinse and snow foam pre-wash

Wheels cleaned inside and out


Intricate areas cleaned with soft brushes

2 bucket method safe wash

Paintwork decontamination (Clay and liquid)

Correction & Protection

A 2 stage polish via machine to remove up to 90% surface defects, and refined to leave ultra slick reflective glossy paintwork

Single-layer of synthetic paint sealant applied

Finishing Touches

Trim/brightwork/tyres dressed including tailpipes

Internal & external glass cleaned

Vehicle upholstery vacuumed

Interior surfaces detailed

The Correction Detail

Duration: 2 - 4 Days

FROM £550

Ceramic Coating Upgrade £POA

Interior deep cleanse £75

Ceramic Wheels & Glass Sealant £POA